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PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio USB 2.0 Recording Bundle with Interface, Headphones, Microphone and Studio One software?

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3rd Nov 2015


USB interface with 1/4″ jack outputs 🙂 And it supports XLR and 1/4 jack inputs too 🙂

EDIT: I see link is a bundle, but you can buy the iTwo seperately!

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27th Nov 2015

I have Reaper as well, I’m just figuring out how to use VST instruments with my YouRock guitar. I was wondering if any of the bundled software might be better or come with more sampled instruments. It sucks that nobody in the PC World has come up with anything as easy, or with as many virtual instruments, as GarageBand.

This is the Audiobox price on Amazon:


This is the Focusrite: