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PreSonus AudioBox iOne 2×2 USB/iPad Audio Interface with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software?

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29th Oct 2015

Here’s the one I bought. http://www.amazon.com/PreSonus-Audiobox-iOne-Presonus-Channel/dp/B00KBMAJU8/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1446090993&sr=8-13&keywords=presonus+audiobox+usb

I’ve been really happy with mine. Prior to that I used a Rocksmith Realtone cable which was okish but you do get a tiny bit of latency. The presonus I got and posted the link for costs about $100.

I use it with biasFX all the time no problem. You can put a second instrument through the MIC socket with an adaptor if you want. Or spend an extra $50 for the next model up.

All the software I have tried so far works well. now it’s set up it’s pretty much set it once with your instrument once in your software and forget it. Plug the USB in to power it up and it just works.

I have Bias Amp desktop and Bias FX Desktop both of which work flawlessly. I’ve only had it about two months so I can’t say how sturdy it is. It is designed for on the go and is basically a single U shaped piece of metal case with plastic walls on the sides and back. Seems pretty tough.

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21st Aug 2017

Do you mean the soundcard built into the Mac? No, you would need a 3/5mm jack if you want to plug directly into the laptop. Do not do this. Laptop soundcards are mostly awful and an audio interface is required to process sound from your DAW, otherwise you will experience audio crackling/lagging/etc. You’re going to have to spend a little money on this, there really are no substitutions for a good soundcard / audio interface. This one is cheap and reliable, a different model than my exact one, but this is a good brand and you really can’t go much cheaper than this without a major drop in quality.

Merged from my above post, so you have it all in one place:

Yes the XLR connector should be 3 prong male.

This is WRONG, do NOT buy

This is CORRECT, DO buy

On the back of my Yamaha HS8 monitors, there are female 3-prong connections, I plug the male 3-prong end of my cable into it, that is called an XLR connector. I then plug the other end of the cable, a 1/4 TRS shielded connector, into the back of my Presonus Audiobox iOne. Make sure that it is 1/4 TRS and not a 3.5mm audio jack, as that will be too small to fit into the audio interface.

These cables look fine. They’re cheap, have good reviews, and are balanced/shielded cables which means you shouldn’t have interference issues from other electronic devices.

Conclusively, you need these items, but if you find a cheaper audio interface with two TRS ports, go for it, as long as reviews show it’s reliable. You also need two 1/4 TRS to XLR Male cables, balanced. Items:

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24th Oct 2016

I prefer the Presonus interfaces to focusrite. Being someone that often uses multiple asio apps simultaneously. A lot of people seem to have problems with pretty dodgy ASIO drivers for focusrite intefaces on the PC.

The Presonus interfaces seem to have excellent drivers. The Audiobocx iONE and iTWO are the most affordable and work really well even when your using more than one ASIO app simultaniously. Handy if like me you enjoy running Yousician, guitar modeling software and record simultaniously.



The cheapest that will support up 16bit up to 48khz on the PC is a cheap USB to instrument cable like this one.


It only works on PC though. That will work well with ASIO4ALL drivers and still give you pretty low latency if your runnig and recording via amp and FX modeling software. Basically CD or DVD quality. Not bad for $10 and offers about 80% of what a $100 interface will if your just recording a single channel.