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PreSonus Audiobox 44VSL 24-Bit/96 kHz 4×4 USB 2.0 Audio Interface?

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7th Feb 2017

That is probably a bare minimum solution (and a bit pricey for what it is). I’d suggest a genuine interface instead like the https://www.amazon.com/PreSonus-Audiobox-44VSL-24-Bit-Interface/dp/B006LYNGLY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486471175&sr=8-1&keywords=presonus+vsl+44 It offers post processing in the box with Noise Gate, Compressor & Mixer. All are controlled through software, but the processing happens on the device, so it won’t impact your recording device and is realtime.

Besides, I doubt the Alesis (or any other device) really offers 4 distinct output busses. You’ll probably have to do a mix in the box (since, you know, it is technically a mixer) or get 4 separate interfaces at that point-

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18th Jun 2015

There’s also the PreSonus Audiobox 44VSL for $300. That’s 4 in, 4 out via USB. There’s also a cheaper 2-channel version or $430 8-channel (but it says 18?) 1818.

Can’t get much more bang for your buck there.

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25th Feb 2015

> Behringer UMC404

That’s the cheapest 4×4 I’ve ever seen. You definitely need something like that for 4 separate channels though. Other than the Focusrite, slightly cheaper than that are the Personus Audiobox and M-Audio M-Track Quad.



I highly recommend either of those. I own and use the Audiobox for my own podcast. And I’ve owned several other M-audio products, and they are super reliable.