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PreSonus AudioBox 2×2 Black Edition USB Recording System?

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31st Dec 2018

I would highly recommend getting an audio interface that comes with complimentary software. There are a handful of great ones out there, but the one that I’ve found that works quite well is this one:


You can read more about it on PreSonus’ official product page: https://www.presonus.com/products/audiobox-usb

It’s within your price range, is great quality and comes with their awesome Studio One software, which is professional grade. It’s pretty intuitive to use and there are tons of great starter tutorials on YouTube to get you acclimated.

The reason I recommend an actual interface is that it’s going to give you way better sound than a direct USB connection from your guitar because the interface essentially replaces your sound card with pro-level equipment. Additionally, you get microphone inputs with phantom power (google it if you are unaware), which gives you way more versatility in case you want to record vocals or acoustic instruments.

I started on ProTools (industry standard and prohibitively expensive, in my opinion) when I was in school, then went to Logic and finally settled on Studio One. Personally, I own a StudioUSB 2|6 (same company, just better preamps and a few more options) and am in love with everything about it. So I highly recommend.

Like I mentioned, there are definitely other options out there, but this is the best, most affordable all-in-one type of solution that I have found.