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26th Jun 2010

>His workout is terrible for building up strength. He should pick a program and stick to it. Half-assing SS, half-assing Crossfit, half-assing HIIT and half-assing endurance training will lead to lesser gains since some of those programs are counterproductive to each other. I trained for 2 months and I can run 4k. He trained for an year, and is struggling with 2k. I am not even sweating at the 2k mark.

>This was your second mistake. Just because X is a good program and Y is a good program, doesn’t mean that X+Y is an even better program. Pick a program and stick to it.

I agree that the main problem here is the random mashing together of programs. I’ll even go as far to say that following the top-comment (more cardio) will make matters worse.

Even Rippentoe says in SS that his program is only to be followed for around 4-6 months, tops. That’s why he wrote this: http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Programming-Strength-Training-Rippetoe/dp/0976805413

I also agree with upping the calories.

Finally, just to nitpick, pro BBers will do a lot of cardio when cutting for a competition. Great post though.

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18th Apr 2010

Sure, buy a book. Practical Programming is pretty good, but there are plenty of solid ones out there. Just make sure that it doesn’t discourage lifting big weights. No pink 5-pound barbells allowed, even for beginners!

Weight training will do nothing but good things for your ‘pilates body.’

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26th Oct 2011


For more information, buy and read (yeah, right) the book Practical Programming

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16th Jun 2011

Nope, it’s just a variation of SS given in the book practical programming.


Both books are well worth your time.