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28th Apr 2021

I would change:

>As many pull ups as I can

For strength you want to be hitting a repetition range from 5 to 8. Russian strength science says 5 is the ideal rep number, but my experience is that 4 is too low so 5 must be the lowest you go, so a rep range of 5 to 8 is good.

If I would be you I would change this to weighted pull ups so that you hit a repetition range of 5 to 8 each time.

>As many diamond press-ups as I can

because you can’t go up in weight with press-ups/push-ups, means you can’t make the movement more intense and hence harder in a sense that you would get stronger from it.

I would change it by doing (overhead presses OR incline bench) AND (tricep push downs OR behind the head tricep extensions), with the repetition range of 5 to 8 reps.

>20 low weight bicep curls

I would dumb this one, since while it might be good regarding prioritization and variation as a advanced lifter (if it would be 12 maybe), it isn’t building strength in your case since you say you aren’t advanced.


  • Eat carbohydrates (carbohydrate loading) before you do your workout, since doing so will reduce the workout induced cortisol response and hence put your body in a better anabolic state. Try to favor starchy foods instead of foods with fructose in it.
  • To get stronger, all you need is 1 working set to failure with each exercise in a week. Like you could do all of these in a one day if you like, so not that much “working out” if you ask me. With strength training less is more, but obviously when you get advanced it gets more complicated with prioritization, deloads and such. Like since your workout load is somewhat low and you just started you might be able to tolerate going through these exercises two times in a week depending how “into it” you are.
  • Make sure you get 0.7 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight each day. Example, 100 kg guy would eat 70 grams of protein, and 50 kg guy would eat 35 grams.
  • If you have dumbbells you might want to add in site lateral raises and if not then upright rows, since round wide shoulders never hurt with the LADIES! ; )