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POWERBLOCK Travel Bench (Silver)?

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23rd Sep 2018

I checked my purchase history, it’s this one: Power Block Travel Bench (Silver) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000XEAUDK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_P.7PBbEJDEW43

So far it’s worked fine for myself and the husband. Granted we’re only lifting a hundred extra pounds max on top of our bodyweight, it’s been pretty solid for a couple years.

I have dropped a blanket over it & used it as spare seating for guests, too.

I really prefer working out at home to working out in a gym. It’s very relaxing to not worry about someone else needing the equipment, germs, music selection, or appearance judgement. Lets you focus on form and breathing.

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6th Oct 2020

I have one of these I was just about to list on facebook. Not sure if you wanted one with a rack but looking to sell this for $100.


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12th Sep 2016

portable workout bench that’s somewhat decent and folds to a manageable size.

For cardio, just go out for a decent jog or quick paced walk!

one decent pair of adjustable dumbbells that goes up to 52 pounds each. Not really all that heavy, but enough for a moderate workout daily and can still add up to an intense one if you incorporate calisthenics.

No excuse now! :p

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12th Jul 2015

Not broke anymore, I’ve been in good shape financially since… maybe early 2014, well over a year now. Still have some of the habits though.

I do everything at home. Back when I couldn’t afford a gym membership and was weak and fat to start:

  • a 40lbs dumbbell set ($40) went a long way. Added two 10 lbs plates every few months as I scaled up, cheaper than gym still.
  • Got cardio from Stepmania (DDR).
  • Did a lot of bodyweight work. Pushups are free
  • got a cheap set up over-door pull up straps for like $15
  • Two metal chairs for dips, step-ups, incline planks, incline pushups, bent over dumbbell rows.
  • Cheap ab roller for rollouts ($7 at Walmart)

I just gathered all that stuff over time as needed.

When I stopped being so broke I bought a full length barbell, some 25 lbs plates, and a yoga mat to deadlift on. Also bought a collapsing weight bench (capacity approx. 550lbs) that fits in my closet when folded.

As for food… Well, I ate a lot of cheap stuff. Beans, lentils B-grade tough meats, liver, lots of eggs, bulk sausage, and grits. So, so much eggs and sausage and grits (don’t care, I freaking love eggs). Got food at bulk dry goods stores and leaned heavily on cheap seasonings for variety.

I can’t really do rice, bread, and so forth since I’m a T2 diabetic, but I did my best to keep it cheap. Meat was a luxury, but I did what I could. My wife helped a ton with that, she’s an amazing cook. She made a lot of stews to stretch what meat we got at the time, and a good stew pot of beans, lentils, and some meat could last 4 or 5 days.

I sometimes use protein powder, but mostly try to get my protein in my diet. I take creatine now, it’s cheap and effective. I also started eating these protein bars recently, they’ve got a pretty good macro profile for a small meal or snack.

So no major extremes, but even now that I’ve got the money, I still prefer working out at home. I get privacy, exercise in my boxers, and my wife gets to make comments about dat ass whenever I squat. 😛