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Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set Include Stainless Steel Paperless Reusable Filters, 8 Ounce Glass Cup, Spoon and Bamboo Base, Portable Single Cup Coffee Maker for Home Office – Gift-ready Package?

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29th Jul 2018

hello, for me , I had used this one for almost 9 months. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0785RK2DB. I don’t want to use machine, I just want to make it my own. I was about to give up on pour over coffee, but decided to give it one more try. I didn’t like the paper filters because no matter which ones I bought, I still got a paper flavor even if I rinsed the filter. So I decided to try this. LOVE IT! Now that doesn’t mean you don’t have to closely monitor your grind and water temp. But when you do, you get an amazingly smooth, bold and rich cup. The day after it arrived I brought it to my office (I own a small design company). especially the bamboo base and the spoon , I love the set! REALLY CONVENIENT. hope this help!!!