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pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike, Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary LCD Monitor with Ipad Mount &Comfortable Seat Cushion for Home Cardio Workout Cycle Bike Training 2022 Upgraded Version?

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24th Dec 2020

I bought this one, which is currently $260 after $40 off in yellow. It’s sturdy and good— and I used to have a Spinner NXT, if that means anything to you. I’ve never done Peloton, but I’ve been pretty happy with the Fitness+ cycling classes so far!

That bike came with pedals with toe cages, so I spent another $70 to buy SPD pedals so I could use my bike shoes. (It also has toe cages so that my husband can use the bike.) And of course today I happened to see combo pedals on Amazon for like $50 🙁

That’s not an affiliate link, for the bike, btw. Buy what works for you!