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Polk Reserve Series R200 Large Bookshelf Speaker for Dynamic Audio, New 1″ Pinnacle Ring Tweeter & 6.5″ Turbine Cone Woofer, Hi-Res Certified, Dolby Atmos & IMAX Enhanced, Wall Mountable (Pair)?

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26th Aug 2021

You are going to have to be considerate and work with your neighbors regardless. I’d suggest going with an SVS subwoofer with room gain compensation which let’s you roll off the deep bass to annoy neighbors less. If the apartment is a short term situation, you might go with a ported sub that you can let loose in your new space. If you’ll be in the apartment for a long time, you might favor a sealed model for the space savings and easier placement.

You’ve got a ton of great options in your budget. Here are a few. Swap in the ported PB-2000 Pro based on the consideration above:

  1. Denon X3600H ($900), SVS SB-3000 ($1000), Polk R200 ($675), Polk LSiM 706c ($400)

  2. Denon X3600H ($900), SVS SB-3000 ($1000), SVS Ultra Bookshelf ($1000), SVS Ultra Center ($700)

  3. Denon X3600H ($900), SVS SB-3000 ($1000), Elac UBR62 ($1200), Elac UCR52 ($700)

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22nd Aug 2021

Gotcha. If you want to keep the LSiM center, I’d suggest you stay in the Polk family and go for a significant upgrade like the Polk R200. It is Highly rated on Audio Science Review and a worthwhile upgrade from the S15, while staying similar to the sound signature from the LSiM center.