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Polk Audio TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Cherry)?

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24th Aug 2020

For the budget I’d recommend these.

If you want to fill the space and can wire them I’d recommend mounting them equidistant from each other on the wall the desk is on. If they can’t be mounted, same idea but put them on the desk surface.

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21st Nov 2016

I think I may have found a good deal on an entry level set-up. I’ve been eyeing the U-Turn table for a while and just found out that Urban Outfitters has it for 20% off, I also see they have the Onkyo A-9010 eligible for 20% off also.

Does anyone have input on this combination (U-Turn Plus + Onkoyo A-9010) for $530? I could really use recommendations for speakers to pair it with, trying to keep the whole thing under $800 so I was thinking maybe these:


or these:


I really want a Marantz PM5005 but can’t quite stomach the cost.

Final question: do you think the bookshelfs are adequate to fill a 12×12 living room? I don’t have a ton of experience there.

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5th May 2015

Any must visit used record stores in Orlando I should check out? In town to see Nightwish this weekend and thought I would do some hunting while there since my home town isn’t the greatest for record stores.

Also putting together my first stereo system. Getting the U-Turn. Also want to get these speakers and receiver. Any gotchas here I should know about and should make me reconsider any of it?