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Polk Audio AM6510-A Hampden Powered Desktop Audio System?

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14th Dec 2015

I’m about to pull the trigger on Polk Audio Hampdens @ $200 as I like their look and their size isn’t as obnoxious as studio monitors while still having incredible sound for desktop speakers.

Just wanted to double check with you guys, outside of the “20 minutes sleep” bug, are there any glaring issues with them that I should know about? Or are they a solid choice?

Thanks in advance!

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9th Feb 2015

As stupid as it is, I really like the look of the Off-white/Brown sort of old/school style of the 598’s.

I know a lot of people think they are ugly, but it was really one of the big draws to me. They stand out. Also, the look good next to my Polk Hampden Speakers.

Does anybody know of a similar “replacement” pads that have the brownish color? If not, I may just pick up a pair of the black HM5 pads.

Thanks op!!!

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21st Mar 2016

I think the Polk Hampden speakers would look amazing with your build. They are one of the top pc speakers you can buy too.


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7th Oct 2015

In the same price range as the A2+ are these http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-AM6510-A-Bluetooth-Streaming/dp/B00II5T5HS

They also rate highly.

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2nd Sep 2015

Need advice for pre-amp / receiver for my office turntable setup.

Current equipment:

The only analog input on the speakers is a line in option: user manual here.

I took a look at the SMSL SA-60 above and I’m not sure if that is all I will need, or if I will need to purchase something in addition, if so, is there an all-in-one option?

I have an old Yamaha 5.1 receiver at my house I COULD use, but this is a sleeker setup for an office, so was hoping for something a bit more streamlined. ANY help is appreciated.


Ninja Edit: Would like to keep price under $300 if possible.