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Pluteck Non Ticking Analog Alarm Clock with Nightlight and Snooze/Ascending Sound Alarm/Simple to Set Clocks, Battery Powered, Small, Black?

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29th Jan 2019

Hmm kinda. I have always believed that if its not convinient i wont do it. So, I actually go to school gym. I rent a locker and i have my gym shoes, clothes, deodorent, gel, etc + protein powder, shampoo there. I take all my clothes like once a week and store there and bring back the dirty one. I also make up my bag a day before. I wake up, dress up without freshening up, eat a banana and head there. Once there i change, start drinking pre workout (thats there too) and i take a shit there. Now i am writing this i think I am awake to do most of the stuffs but i am like not really awake until pre workout kicks in. Another huge thing for me has been that i have tried to go to work out in the morning and it didnt work out previously because i was way too sleepy i was yawning too much. That was when i started working out so i ended up doing it in the afternoon. ONce i started enjoying and was more freshening working out, i moved to morning in the summer and once i start lifting, i usually start to wake up and freshen up. Also i dont use phone alarm i got this super easy slap alarm This one. I basically slap it to snooze. It definitely has helped me but if phone works for you thats great too. I was trying to be no screen before going to bed.