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27th Jul 2020

Amazon Canada has them in stock now:


I own one. Works for me now, but mixed feelings on the design. Comments here:

I bought one of these a few months ago (they changed the name to Playseat Air Force). Very nicely made, with quality materials and sturdy. EXCEPT IT HAS DESIGN PROBLEMS: 1) The left and right side HOTAS stands wiggle side to side because of the adjustable way they are attached to the seat, and the lack of bracing. Makes it hard to be precise when flying. 2) The left and right side HOTAS stands are adjustable, but do not come up anywhere nearly high enough to be comfortable for a normal size adult person. I needed to build 5 inch high extensions to make it work for me, but then that also made problem #1 worse due to the longer swing. It is OK for me to use now, but I really doubt anybody at the factory ever actually tried to use it as intended for more than 5 minutes. 3) The seat back is too vertical, even when adjusted as far back as the design allows. I added some spacers onto the front seat bolts to tilt the whole chair section a bit aft, and this is OK now.