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Pizuna 400 Thread Count Queen Cotton Sheets Set White, 100% Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set, Soft Cotton Bed Sheets Deep Pocket fit Upto 15” (White Queen 100% Cotton Sheets)?

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4th Jan 2022

I’ve been very satisfied with my surprisingly cheap Pizuna Linnens for the past two years. I’ve treated them pretty roughly, taking very little care when washing and drying them, sometimes putting off exfoliating my feet long enough they catch like Velcro on the sheets, and bleached them a few times, but they’re still in extremely good condition. The elastic on the fitted sheet is still going strong.

My usage history is:

  • Bought one set, used for 6 months.
  • Bought a second set to rotate out.
  • Rotated between the two sets biweekly (used and washed both most weeks) until 3 months ago.
  • Got another set to make it easier to put off doing laundry.

I marked the sheets so I could monitor how long they were lasting, and even the oldest pair is in great shape. Now, full disclaimer, I really don’t know much about fabric types, and these are very inexpensive sheets, so maybe some people would have complaints, but I can say that I have been very satisfied with both the comfort and durability of these sheets.

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21st Apr 2021

I wrote a comment a few weeks ago explaining the pitfalls of BIFL mattress shopping: https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/comments/mimm1i/need_a_new_mattress/gt5pamb.

TL;DR: The mattress industry wants to make it as hard as possible for consumers to actually compare different models so they can rip you off.

I will say, though, a decent foam mattress will likely last considerably longer than a comparable innerspring mattress.

Also, if you’re looking for sheets, I’ve had excellent luck with this set: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071RTPTVQ/. I’ve had two sets on rotation for 2 years straight, not even close to wearing out, and very soft and comfortable, without feeling fuzzy. Not really a BIFL recommendation, though, as the reality with cotton sheets is that every time you wash them, they lose fibers, and eventually the fabric is just going to get so thin it rips like tissue. They last longer the less often you wash them, but you really can’t put off washing sheets the way you can put off washing jeans or a sweatshirt.