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Piping Rock Vitamin C Serum For Youthful Skin 12%+ 2 fl oz (59 ml) Dropper Bottle Firms & Tones?

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10th Dec 2017

I use the Vitamin C serum from Piping Rock. It was recommended as a good starting point if I intend to continue using this kind of serum. From what I’m seeing on the Amazon page, it’s ascorbic acid mixed with vegetable glycerin and water and a couple other things.

I’d say I’ve been using the RoC eye cream for a month or five weeks? That one was introduced into my routine a bit later than some of the other products and I was told that it can take a bit to work. I watched a video of someone’s gradual improvement over the span of six weeks using it and there were noticeable results after just two weeks! Along with further improvement over the rest of those six weeks. I don’t think I’m using it wrong – if anything, I’m probably using too much at a time. So even using it in excess isn’t helping. I guess my under-eye lines aren’t gonna go down without a fight. I’m thinking about maybe using another eye cream like the one CeraVe makes in conjunction with the RoC cream. Maybe hitting it with two things at once will help more.

But thank you for the suggestion! I’ve never heard of hyaluronic serum before, but I’ve also seen several people (here and elsewhere) say that the only serum that will really make any sort of a difference is Vitamin C serum, which is why I leaned toward that and not so much anything else. I’ve never heard of Aquaphor or squalene either, so I guess I have a bit more homework to do.