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2nd Jun 2018

Some tips I learnt over the years:

I used to use a
Philips norelco
Philips TT2040 All-in-one Bodygroom, Showerproof Bodygroomer Series 7000 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003LPURPE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_i_oJReBbGCPGN16

But now I use a
Philips Series 3000 Body Groomer with Skin Comfort System – BG2024/15 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0087CL99E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_i_6KReBb0J75TXJ

Shower first and exfoliate! Use an exfoliating glove, but not soap with plastic beads. And shit first!

For longer hair use a shaver with an adjustable grade. For shorter hair (almost stubble like) use a electric razor.

Use plenty of shaving cream on short hair.

Long hair keep it dry, prepare for it to fly everywhere

I use a small mirror when shaving places I can’t see i.e. my ass and perineum.

I used to shave everything (chest, groin, ass and legs) but that was to much to high maintenance and I used to do it really irregularly. Now i just shave my chest (to a short grade) shaft, balls and ass cheeks and asshole.

I do it at least once a week. It’s cleaner, better to look at and makes a world of difference when your wiping.

How to shave, steady hands needed.
Shaft: (close shave) pull your little guy up and slowly trim from the where the pubes start in the middle and down to the base. Be careful on the underside when going from base to the scrotum, the skin changes and creases and it can sting a bit if it gets caught.

Balls: use shaving cream and warm water.
Again lifting the dude upwards, shave downwards from base of the shaft (If you’re using one of the razors I’ve used. They’re double edged which make it a lot easier.) Once you’ve finished doing the part where your willy rests on your balls you need to pinch the skin and do the underside. Now, pubes grow in all directions so don’t be afraid to shave every which way.

Perineum: use mirror extensively
For me this is probably the easiest place to shave, as it’s not too wrinkly and it’s bit more flat than the cheeks, kick your leg up on the bathroom sink and lift your balls, use back and forth motions mostly but also side to side. If you can’t kick your leg up then squatting will do.

Ass cheeks: good squatting needed, shaving cream and more warm water. Use mirror extensively.
Get down with your bum close to your ankles and place the mirror so you can see your hole. Treat these cheeks the same way as the ones on your face, shaving cream applied go from left of left cheek, back and forth until you get to the the centre. Then right of right cheek, back and forth. Do it slowly. Once you’ve gotten the main hair off your cheeks I always feel there’s more to do, and going from back forth doesn’t quite get it, so stand up (take a moment to relax your legs) and then cup your cheeks with one hand and squat down again. Keeping an eye in the mirror on where you’re hand was placed go over it again but side to side.

Asshole: shaving cream, warm water and a willingness to touch a place you would only do so with toilet paper. Use mirror extensively to see places you usually wouldn’t.
Squatting down, start from the edge of your right cheek and smoothly move to your hole and then finish at the edge of your left. Repeat as needed, lean forward to do your your crack. You might want to touch certain places to make sure you’ve given yourself a decent shave. You don’t want to realise you’ve done a shitty (pun not intended) job after you finish.

Other than that just use common sense.

And shaving cream.