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Philips PH805 Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Performance Headphones w/Hi-Res Audio, Comfort Fit and 30 Hours of Playtime (TAPH805BK)?

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4th May 2021

You won’t find any good, real, ANC (active noise cancelling) headphones for that price, the tech used for the noise cancelling itself is fairly expensive. ANC requires the headphones to listen to the outside world with microphones, then create opposing waves that cancel out those sounds. You may find a lot of things that claim to be noise cancelling, but it’s highly doubtful it has real ANC, and if you do find any that cheap, the quality of the headphone and ANC will be questionable at best (not all ANC is created equally, not by a long shot).

Any closed back headphone or IEM will do a really good job of noise dampening though. I wear IEMs every day, and when I’m listening to something through them, I can barely hear the outside world.

I did come across these, made by a known and reputable brand, on heavy discount right now (if you’re US). Slightly over your budget, but I’d get these over any of the other sub-$100 things I’ve seen.

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13th Nov 2021

I bought some Philips PH805 bluetooth headphones about a year ago. The audio quality and noise cancelling are great, but the physical quality of the headset is failing. It still works, but it’s slowly falling apart on me. As far as I can tell, the big issue is that I’m stretching it too far when I put it on/move it around while wearing it. Is there a set of wireless headphones someone can recommend that avoids that issue? I know something like airpods would probably work, but if possible something with noise-cancelling capabilities would be good.

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31st Mar 2021

Selling like-new Phillips PH805 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

$100. Comes with case and all original accessories.

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23rd Jan 2021

They’re still around in Canada and the States and a few other places I think:

Canada Best Price (Walmart): $118 CAD = $90 US

U.S.A. Best Price (Amazon.com): $100 US but sometimes as low as $90 US

Also, the PH802’s are $60 US on Amazon.com. I’m pretty sure they have the same sound quality as the PH805’s, but only Bluetooth 4.2 and no ANC.

$90 US is great, but seeing they went as low as $75 US, I might wait and see if they hit that price again.