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Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro, Blue?

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10th Mar 2012

As for the trimmer, I can only speak for the one I bought which was the Norelco Qg3280 Multigroom

This was the first one I’ve ever bought, and I had no idea what to really look for, so I just researched a bunch of trimmers and read all the reviews and this one seemed to have the highest amount of stars. Admittedly it IS a bit pricy, but god damn it works wonders. It shaves everything easily, with no pain or irritation, and works wonders on my balls/shaft. I’ve also used the other attachments (there’s like 6 of them) to shave my neck/face, and to shave my head and it’s all been great. Again, only drawback is the price, but I expect to have this for a while.

My advice to you when buying one, if you’re looking to seriously invest in a good one, is find ones within your price range, research it thoroughly, and find the one that caters exactly to your needs while having the highest ratings.

I’ll ask my roommates what brand they use though and see if I can edit this post, I know one of them uses a cheaper Philips Norelco, and another uses a Rimington or something like that so I’ll ask how they like theirs.