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Philips Audio Fidelio L2 Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone 40mm Drivers + NeeGo Attachable Microphone for Headphones – Gaming and Communication?

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30th Dec 2020

Also in the link below you can find Philips Fidelio L2 bundled with this mic for $90 after coupon:


Also Fidelio X2HR bundled with mic for $140 after coupon:



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15th Jan 2022

Ok, just wanted to check and see what I could throw out as options.

What first came to mind as a possibility was to actually split the setup to give you options:

Fidelio L2 as your gaming headphones. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for those. I’ve heard that the mic that’s included in that package kinda sucks, but you could add a VModa BoomPro for a good mic and still be under a $100. That’s still a killer value for what you get.

The L2 makes for a nice gaming headphone, as well as being sturdy, light, and small enough if you want to travel with them. They are technically an open-back, so not necessarily ideal around other people in public, but they don’t leak sound as much as some others so you could get by if you were off by yourself.

Add on a good pair of iems, like the Ikko OH10 as your main travel set.

And that still leaves ~$120 for a little bluetooth dac/amp that you could use to run both of them.

I will also mention that the Sony MDR1Am2 is on sale from Amazon France. That’d be about $150US shipped. They’re a really nice set of closed-backs that’ll travel.