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Philips A5Pro/27 A5PRO Professional DJ Headphones designed with Armin Van Buuren, Black?

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1st Dec 2017
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2nd Dec 2017

Currently using these DJ headphones – Philips A5Pro designed in collaboration with Armin Van Buuren. They sound fantastic but may be a bit heavy for long hour sessions. I love the fact that the equalizer on them is flat and you can adjust them to your liking. They don’t have much bass as for example some Beats would have but the bass is crisp clear and overall the sound is super crisp clear and is pleasant to listen. They are also really good for gaming, especially in FPS games where I can literally hear where exactly the enemy is if he makes any sort of noise.

I’m currently looking at these Senheiser HD 8 I haven’t tried them but from the research I’ve done it seems that they have a very good response from lows to highs (slightly better than A5Pro) and many reviews by musicians say that they have a crisp clear sound. So, they might be a good alternative to my Philips A5Pro.

> Is there any significant downside to using headphones as opposed to a standard speaker set up?

No! If you have a good pair of heaphones (not gaming headsets that mostly tend to sound like in tin can) then you will appreciate every moment spent in headphones. What I would recommend tho, is to get an Audio Interface instead of using built in sound card on your mobo. I’m using this Audio Interface – Steinberg UR22MKII and ever since I got one I don’t want to go back to built in sound cards. The sound quality is so much cleaner coming out of it. Also, considering to get an equalizer, something like this. Currently using a software based equalizer APO 1.2 it’s free and works really well and you can adjust sound perfectly to your device (I love the fact that it shows your sound device peak levels so you don’t go over the headphone or speaker limits). I suggest to use this equalizer even if you have a built in sound card and replace your built in sound card Utility with this equalizer.

P.S. Just don’t buy so called “Gaming” Headsets. I’ve tried many and they all sounded like a tin can. Horrible experience for me. Rather get a good pair of headphones and separate mic. I use this XLR mic along with my audio interface. It’s cheap and it sounds fantastic (waaay waaaaaaay better than any headset mic). For a $25 XLR mic this is pretty good