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PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder – Smartphone – Wi-Fi Enabled for iPhone and Android Smartphones?

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19th Nov 2019

Not OP, but we have the PetSafe Smart Feed. Our little boy used to stomp across our bodies at 6 in the morning every day until we woke up and fed him. Getting the automatic feeder completely changed that and the only time he wakes us up anymore is by accident when he’s trying to snuggle up with us.

I love this one, but for 95% of people the price and feature set doesn’t really make any sense. Just search for automatic feeder and you’ll find a lot of options.

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13th Nov 2020

Yes! It was pricey, but it’s nice because you can set a schedule with different amounts of food, press the button (or turn it off if pets are feeding themselves), and do one-off feedings too!


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16th Apr 2019


PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Smartphone, 24-Cups, Wi-Fi Enabled App for iPhone and Android, Award Winning Pet Feeder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073WYP317/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yIsTCbRAYS6XC

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7th Feb 2020

Feeder: we use PetSmart Smart Automatic Feeder. It’s dry-only, wifi-controlled. You can also buy 3D printed splitters on Amazon. We have 2 cats, so we bought a 2-way splitter. If you do decide to go the splitter route, it’s important to note that the bowl that comes with the feeder won’t fit. We ended up using these low-profile ceramic bowls with the feeder. We’ve used this set up whenever we leave for a long weekend here and there and never had major issues.

During our longest trip (4 days), one of the cats managed to push the bowls from under the splitter (this has never happened when we were home for the 1 year that we’ve had the feeder). So the food ended up getting dispensed all over the kitchen floor. Not that we noticed anything when we came back, other than misplaced bowls. The little chunkers ate all the kibbles off the floor.

Fountain: we use the Pioneer Raindrop Ceramic Fountain. We’ve had a few before, but ended up with this one for its superior quality. It’s well-made, durable. The ceramic makes it easy to clean and more hygienic than plastic. Very easy to take apart. Both cats use it (one cat loves it, the other tolerates drinking from it). We don’t use a filter, and we clean it once a week.

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15th Nov 2021

Sure! I use this PetSafe feeder, I’ve had it for just over two years and it’s been working really well considering this isn’t quite it’s intended use, but I do think there’s a lot of other options available now that would work just as well at a much lower price point. The only issue I’ve had with it is that it’s easy to accidentally overflow the food bowl if you rely on scheduled feedings and aren’t able to check on it every now and then. I have days where only one cat shows up, sometimes there’s three or four, so it can be hard to find the right balance for portioning. I use a wireless camera in my feeding station so I can make sure there’s a good amount of food available and keep track of who’s eating, and if I notice the bowl is empty I can just use the app to dispense more. There’s some cheaper options on Amazon that actually have a built-in camera that seem like they’d be pretty great for this kind of situation, or you can get a camera separately for ~$30. But if you’ve got someone stopping by anyway it’s not a big deal.

I only get raccoons a few times a year, so in the warmer months I try to gauge how much food my cats eat and then portion it out so there’s never too much sitting out at once, then adjust the schedule as needed. If a raccoon shows up, at most they’ll get maybe one cup if they’re lucky. I did eventually build a wooden enclosure to protect the feeder so they can’t pry it open or do any serious damage to it, but aside from the hopper lid it’s pretty sturdy. Before that I just used a plastic tote, cut out an opening for the bowl, and then set a few bricks on top.

It’s… a little excessive, but I really hated going out in the rain and snow to refill the feral bowls every day lol. I’ve also found that I’ve been getting fewer unwanted visitors since I’m better able to control how much food is available, they don’t seem to make a routine out of stopping by if they aren’t reliably getting a full meal each time.

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11th Jun 2018

If you didn’t find one, have you looked at this?
Supposedly up to 12feedings at minimum 1/8 cup a serving. Maybe download the app and see if that is true?