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Perixx PX-3000 UK, Programmable Backlit Gaming Keyboard – 37 Macro Keys with 5 User Profile – 16 Million Customized Backlit Color – Anti-ghosting 19 Keys – Full Keyboard Remapping – 32Bit Controller with 512k Flash Memory – Macro Live Recording – UK English Layout?

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9th Nov 2017

I don’t understand how you are possibly this upset over diversity in the keyboard marketplace. I would also agree that volume controls are the single most important feature a keyboard can include, and seek out keyboards with them. I much prefer mechanical keyboards, but I’m not dreaming that one day all membranes get removed just because I don’t like them… And if you really want a membrane keyboard with a volume wheel, I picked up this one several years ago. It worked fine for me for a while. but I have since upgraded. Seems like that particular keyboard isn’t available anymore, but its not like mechs are killing membrane keyboards or the other way around. They both fill different niches in the market.