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Perixx PERIBOARD-413B US, Wired USB Ergonomic Compact Split Keyboard – 15.75×10.83×2.17 inches TKL Design – Black – US English?

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9th Dec 2021

If you can afford it, you can get an X-Bows Lite for $89. Mechanical keyboard, TKL, wired, backlit. Your choice of linear, tactile, or clicky key switches. Forbes rated it very well. Seems like a really nice keyboard, although the layout is a bit unusual.

There’s also this other one from Perixx: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09298C2NP

It doesn’t seem to have the ‘keys sticking’ problem the reviews of the other one mentioned.

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28th Oct 2021

MX Keys is also available in Mini version, but I suppose it’s not an option.

If you don’t have time to adapt to ortholinear layout, maybe you could use one of the keyboards mentioned below.

  1. Non-mechanical, not really split, but ergonomic keyboards with a raise in the middle and optimized position of hands: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, Perixx PERIBOARD-413B US (there are several models without numpad, black, white, wired and wireless), Perixx Periduo-406. I don’t know anything about Perixx, but the one from Microsoft isn’t very resistant to wearing.
  2. Split mechanical non-ortholinear: Mistel Barocco and the like. No tenting unfortunately.

(I ordered ZSA Moonlander, waiting for it. It’s ortolinear, highly customizable and supports tenting, but very expensive. You can also find a similar one from the same manufacturer, Ergodox EZ, which is less portable, but more adjustable in terms of positioning on the table. According to reviews, adaptation takes two weeks or so, but who knows, it’s very individual.)