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Perixx PERIBOARD-317 Wired Backlit USB Keyboard, Big Print Letter with White Illuminated LED, US English Layout?

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9th Sep 2020

After years of using a Steelseries keyboard (from way back when they made non-backlit ones), it was time to treat myself to a fully-backlit, fullsize keyboard.

What I really wanted:


-variable-brightness backlighting, preferably either just white or just red, didn’t need full RGB

-100% size

-linear mechanical switches

-reasonable heft, I hate light keyboards that try to scoot away from me on the desktop

-good enough quality to last at least a few years

-price no more than about $150-$200

Sort of like this: https://www.amazon.com/Perixx-11474-PERIBOARD-317-Illuminated-Dimension/dp/B06XW8QXVG

except with mechanical switches. this one sounds like rubber dome/membrane.

I shopped around. Couldn’t find anything that checked all those boxes, so I ordered a Logitech G513.

How big of a mistake have I made, and what will disappoint me the most?