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Perixx PERIBOARD-311PLUS, Backlit Ultrathin Keyboard – Wired USB with 1 Extra Hub – White LED Illuminated Feature – 17.56″x6.27″x0.77″ Full Size Dimension – Silent X Type Chiclet Keys – US English Layout?

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16th Sep 2015

Fuck whoever downvoted everyone. I just upvoted all of you.

I would love to enter the giveaway for my dad, since he has a shitty laptop-esque keyboard for his computer, but I won’t be getting home until 9 hours from now, so good luck to everyone.

Edit: someone else is downvoting too. Assholes

Edit^2 : i can provide proof later tonight if you can let me enter

Edit^3 : Here is my submission for my father.. Thank you for extending the deadline