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Perixx 11055 PX-1100, Backlit Keyboard – Red/Blue/Purple Illuminated Keys – Gaming Style Design – Rubber Painting Surface – 20 Million Key-Press Lifecycle – Adjustable Palm Rest?

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22nd Jan 2015

If you’re not a mechanical snob, there are a ton of others that can be had.

[i like my mushy keyboard, thankyou very much!]

Very heavy, good feet. “purple” is almost more of a pink, so be warned there. I use just red anyhow, but appreciate the ability to switch if the mood strikes me.

Leaves you 20$ for other goodies.

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29th Jan 2015

Before I upgraded to a mechanical keyboard, I had the Saitek Eclipse II and it is still amazing (I have it hooked up to a server now). It doesn’t look like you can get them new anymore, but I found this Perixx keyboard during a search for the Eclipse that looks exactly the same. I don’t know anything about this Perixx brand or how the keyboard is the exact same thing as the Eclipse, but there you go.

Edit: I should note that the knob in the middle of the media controls is for adjusting the light intensity (anywhere from off to pretty bright) not for the volume. The volume up/down buttons are at the top right.

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3rd Jan 2016

Where do you people get this money. I think I’m insane for looking at a 600 dollar computer at this moment (parts, not prebuilt…)

Anyway, I have two 50 dollar keyboards I’m looking at atm…




I’m not going any higher, because good lord I need to be able to eat.

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7th Apr 2014

you could give this one a try.