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23rd Jan 2021

I can’t speak to the actual numbers in Jeff programs (as in, are they arbitrary or not), but the idea of periodized training is well established in the scientific and athletic community.

If you don’t like Jeff’s programs, or legitimately just want to learn more about athletic performance and how to create your own program, here are a couple great resources:

  1. Periodized Training for Sports by Tudor Bompa.
  2. 3 Important Guidelines to Program for Max Strength Part 1 by Zach Telander.

Bompa is literally the godfather of periodization and the video I linked from Zach which in 3 parts shows you how to program your own training schedule, using Bompa’s approach.

I’m going to assume that Jeff is acting in good faith and he has done the work using this approach to give you the results necessary to maximize your PST scores.

If you want to go full conspiracy theorist, I think assuming that Jeff’s acting in good faith is a fare assumption given that this is a business for Jeff. It is literally in Jeff’s best interest to write good programs that help people achieve their goals, because in the long run, that means happy customers and more money for Jeff.

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17th May 2018

I did. I haven’t had a chance to get into the book yet. I also bought Periodization Training for Sports. It’ll be interesting to compare the two.