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11th Sep 2017

Nope, sorry. However, I grabbed my copy of Periodization Training for Sports and it says that power is usually the primary goal for Waterpolo, which power-endurance coming second. So what I could recommend is to just make slight modifications to the RR. The exact nature of those modifications depends on what phase of your training you are.

If you’re distant of the competition phase you want to develop maximal strength and aerobic conditioning. Doing the RR as is will work here.

As you approach the competitions you want to change to power and power-endurance and conditioning to a more alatic/latic focus. TBH I don’t know much about training for those two yet, but I know you should be using lighter loads (so easier progressions in the RR) and more reps per set, so try doing this after a while.

I’m not sure if you compete or not, but you can try alternating between those. Like, 2 months of RR, 3 months of RR using easier progressions for more reps, repeat. You may also want to add other phases meant as adaptation/rest. Bomba recommends circuit training for that, but it’s really up to you.

This is an oversimplified take on the subject, though, and I’m not really sure if that’s right because I haven’t finished the book yet. If possible, check with someone more knowledgeable, please.