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Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training?

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3rd Jun 2021

Really depends on your clientele. If you train athletes you will choose to program differently than you would for general fitness clients. Overall this is one of the books I recommend to everyone just getting into working as a trainer.


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21st Sep 2020

It really depends on your muay thai level and your years of prior training (athletic age). I am also very biased from the training I had and saw at AKA and US fairtex offshoots.

AKA started with no training, then went to Crossfit when Dave Camarillo arrived, then switched to a more “functional metabolic” training at their new place. DC was training at a powerlifting gym then, after injuries, went to more of a “modern” sports training center (single leg movements, shorts sprints, plyometrics…).

What I do with the people I work with is mostly unilateral leg (king deadlift, single leg stiff leg deadlift, rear foot elevated split squat, slide board reverse lung/lateral lunge/leg curl); low back friendly bilateral (trap bar); dumbbell/kettle-bells for pressing variations; rings for pulling variations; and mostly anti-rotation for abs. We saw recovery issues when adopting 3-4 days of hard strength work a week ontop of 6 days MT + energy systems work.

Honestly, there is no real “gold standard” for strength training a combat sports athlete. There is traditional bullshit/dogma on all sides i.e., all fighter must run long distance, do insane amounts of pushup, 100 reps of ab work, you must squat-deadlift-bench, mindlessless flipping tires and sledge hammer work.

I took an “academic” approach and studied (copied?):






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30th Sep 2020

You might be over training them. Many US athletes simply adopt powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, or strongman training. If you are training MT 4-6 days a week maybe you can only lift 1.5-2 days a week without having it effect your MT training.

In my current macro-cycle I am doing: Strength, rest, MT, MT, rest, Strength, Rest…. With my only 12 total sets (not including warmup or abdominals). But i’m middle aged with shit recovery.

If you have the time check out:

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30th Sep 2020

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