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Peachtree Audio M24 Powered Speakers (Pair) (Piano Black)?

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16th May 2021

After a bit of research I think these fit your criteria best! Sent you a PM as well with a little more detail.

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17th Jan 2022

You can connect the Rega Planar 1 directly to the M24 with the switch set to phono.

What is your room size LxWxH? The M24 are compact 4″ mid bass driver speakers for a small room or desktop setup.

You can get a new pair of M24 for $350 so try offering $200 for the used pair.

Or which Craigslist or nearby zip code to search for better options with a $500 budget.

Or consider separate amplification and passive speakers:

Amplification with a built in phono stage preamp:

Speakers on sale:

Or floor standing towers and you don’t need to buy or build speaker stands:

Or 5 speakers for an AV Receiver:

Plus speaker wire, Pure Copper 16 AWG or thicker 14 AWG. Then How to Install Speaker Wire and How To Strip Speaker Wire.

Setup Guide: Turntable, Phono Preamp, Amp or Receiver, Speakers

Audio Guides, Speaker Placement, Accessories and Vinyl Care

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17th Jul 2018
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19th Jan 2020

first, you need to know if your record player will be putting out standard line-level audio, or whether you need to accommodate phono amplification. AFAIK most modern record players have a built-in preamp, and their output is usable by anything w/o special consideration that the signal is coming from a record player. but i’m not a record guy.

are you firm on passive speakers / amp ?

there are a few powered speakers systems that might fit your bill.

Fluance AI40 and AI60, https://www.fluance.com/powered-bookshelf-speakers $200 / $300

both have bluetooth as well as RCA inputs. the 60 also has a USB DAC.

i have floor speakers from fluance, and they sound great. everyone generally rates that their equipment sounds above the price range. you can find both the AI40 and AI60 on amazon.

these are non-ported speakers, some folks have expressed concerns about the bass being “boomy”, but i haven’t seen any complaints from folks who actually own them.


peachtree audio’s m24 are $300, and specifically have a phono input selector for the RCA, in case your record player doesn’t have a preamp. they also have USB DAC and optical, and bluetooth.


haven’t heard these myself, but have heard good direct opinions from folks on here that have them. and they’re well reviewed on amazon.


i’m a big fan of Presonus Eris. i’ve had a pair of 4.5s for years and they sound great. they’ve just recently added bluetooth options, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z6MJFWH/ $230.

you may need a record preamp with these, depending on your record player, and these have the fewest inputs from this list. plus, no remote. these are no-frills superb sounding speakers.


a phono preamp isn’t too spendy though https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-Phono-Turntable-Preamp-Preamplifier/dp/B00025742A/ $15