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PC Soundbar, Mpow Wired and Wireless Computer Speaker with 3D Stereo Surround AUX/Bluetooth/USB Connection,Bluetooth 5.0 PC Soundbar with 4 Drivers, HD Sound System, for Desktop, Laptop, Table?

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3rd Dec 2017

I bought some string lights on amazon and now I have them on my dorm wall and it looks really nice! 🙂 I personally bought these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G4YX2QY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They work pretty great but I don’t use like the other modes of the light. Like it has other options like it can blink or change patterns and such but I notice they’re bit glitchy. But just to have lights on these are really nice 🙂

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18th Jun 2019

Got home 8 months ago from there.

Most E6 and Below in Tents, E7 and above in cadillacs. Learn how the tent generators work. One button for power, other button for AC. If the fan isnt spinning on the top, then it isnt giving AC. If the entire machine isnt making noise, hold both buttons for 3 seconds until it turns off. Then press them again to turn on.

Bring comfy slides for the showers and comfy shoes for walking around. Find a shower noone uses so its cleaner than the otherwise. I used the one next to the MWR cause my tent was close to everything, I think G row. The base is pretty spread out in the living area (LSA) so get ready to walk a little bit.

They have netted backpacks there you can buy for super cheap that you can use to take your shower stuff in, too. It let’s your stuff dry and it’s not a nasty plastic caddy you carry around. I still use that bag for sports events, its nice to have. Grab a shower curtain ring and put a loufa on that if you use one so it can hang and dry.

MRW is fun. Go to bingo, maybe the guy that sings the numbers is still there! Make friends with the MWR guys, they have otter pops in the back office freezer sometimes.

It’s not a bad deployment. It wouldnt be so bad/hot if it werent for the wind. It’s like a hairdryer in your face. It gets chilly at night around september/October so a few long sleeves arent bad to have. Bring good sunglasses and a personal hat if you like hats.

I bought these string lights on Amazon for my tent. They have different brightness levels and a remote for it. I HIGHLY recommend these. You can loop them through your bunk bed and it doesnt generate heat. I do recommend bringing them from home and not waiting til you get there to buy some because it takes a few days and those tents are super dark. Also, get some rugs in your tent ASAP. It will change your life.

The old cadillacs that E7 and above use are usually clean. Sometimes the rooms go empty and they get dusty from dust storms blowing into the AC units. Dont go too hard on Lodging because they cant clean all of them 100% of the time.

You’ve got Taco Bell, Green Bean coffee (SO good!), Pizza Hut and Subway. The chicken at the DFAC is good imo so dont go crazy on the junky shit.

The BX is next to the tailoring. Last I recall, its $12 for each item. 4 sets of OCPs makes that $96 to bring them all in if they dont fit like mine didnt. Just wait til you get there to tailor them. They do a nice job and are super friendly.

The BX is small but it has a good amount of stuff. You’ll probably be using Amazon alot tbh. Ali has a better BX and youll be going there first to get your gear.

Buy small stuff every few weeks from Amazon to make the time go by. This is what I was told helps alot. I bought bins to keep my small stuff in (makeup/deodorant/nail clippers, ect). If you’re into being organized, buy some stuff to keep you that way and then leave it for the next group. Buy a Fitbit to keep track of your steps. Always interesting to see.

DO NOT get alcohol sent to you. People got caught and it got them sent home. DO NOT fuck with that shit. Just give your body a break and fuck your shit up on R&R when you return.

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12th Jul 2016

Why not start from simple christmas light srtings like these for example?