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PC Computer Motherboard Speaker Buzzer Beeper?

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9th Jul 2018

Speaker: The motherboard can communicate failures if you attach something like this to it, it’s the basic PC speaker that any original PC came with back in the days.
On boot failure, you should hear a beep code that identifies the problem.
Very useful for troubleshooting.
These things usually come in bags of 100 that cost around $5, most PC stores or repair shops would hand you one for free when asked.
Or buy a bag of Ebay/AliExpress/whatever and have Christmas gifts for 99 friends.

Batch file: In C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup create a Test.BAT (or any other name) with this

@Echo Boot Successful! > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\SUCCESS

This will create a file called “SUCCESS” on your desktop.
Provided you switched auto login on for testing purposes, otherwise it’ll stall at the login screen waiting for user input, before executing that BAT or loading most drivers.

BIOS: Default settings should work fine. PCIe lanes should switch automatically to x8/x8 when any device is in the second PCIe slot. ‘Not specifically familiar with that motherboard, but I don’t think ASUS would make it more difficult on their entry level ‘boards.

But as you describe it now it does sound like some power issue, the GPUs should most certainly at least light up.
Testing with a different PSU should be the next step.

Oh, and you can always try /r/techsupport, that subreddit is dedicated to, who guessed, providing tech support.
Asking on /r/buildapc is a bit hit and miss – it’s more active overall, many problems will get solved simply because other users ran into them, too, but you need to be lucky with more complicated issues that need actual expertise, the majority of users is overall pretty clueless as to how a computer actually works, all they’re interested in is if it will run Doom/Crysis.