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PBT Double Shot Keycap Set – 104 Translucent Backlit Key Cap for All Mechanical Keyboards with Key Puller (Pink White Combo)?

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3rd Oct 2018

You can build a good quality keyboard for <200$ and easily not make “sacrifices”

Keycaps can cost a lot but you can find decent ones for less than 50. There are good pbt caps available from no name retailers for 15$. All single color but made of good plastic. This is typically where the cost starts rising first when you look at boards.

If you only “sacrifice” asthetics (keycaps) you can get the cost down to 120$ ish pretty easily.

The metal case he is using adds 100$ over a good acrylic or plastic case, which will cost 20$.

Source: my home keyboard is 250jsh, my daily driver at work was 120$.


A great recommendation on doing keycaps for cheap. The keycaps you see in the video are constantly available on aliexpress and ebay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c37cOTZi2v4&amp;t=62s

  • Stabilizers : 20$
  • Cable : 8$

Total: 90$ – 118$.

Cost of soldering kit including solder: 15$ on amazon. Keycap puller (buy it from wherever you get your PCB or Case) is 4$.

I picked the acrylic case in this sample build because the DZ60 comes with LED’s on the underside. Acrylic case is both cheap and appealing. A plastic case that is not shine through will be about the same price. Lubricating your switches and stabilizers is optional, and the lube will cost <10$ for stabs, another 5$ for switches. I personally have a wooden case (60$) and a metal case (110$).

Start your shopping on KBdfans.com “ILOVEKBDFANS” for a tiny discount. There are other great retailers that get recommended around here but they have the most complete selection IMO and their packaging and customer service is great.

MechanicalKeyboards.com is tempting because it is US-based but its overpriced for switches, and I’m guessing that extends to other things in their lineup.

DZ60 is the standard recommended PCB for a 60% keyboard.

I have a DZ60 board and a KBD75.

“QMK” is the program that most good boards use so you can control what keys map to which switches. If you go looking beyond the PCB’s on this list (or a prebuilt keyboard) you’re going to want it to be QMK compatible.

I’m not an expert but I think an expert would get tired of answering these questions, while I would be sorta proud to help a noob. Let me know if you have anymore questions