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Paula’s Choice SKIN BALANCING Antioxidant Concentrate Face Serum, Retinol & Vitamin C, Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle & Large Pores, Oily Skin, 1 Ounce?

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1st Jul 2016


Hopefully this gets read as I know I’m really late to the game. I guess I can ask again on Monday if necessary.

I’m trying to add a retinoid to my current regime. Right now all I do is cleanse and moisturize with a stridex pad used twice a week for exfoliation. I’m pretty happy with my skin but after reading the Wiki and everything about retinoids I thought adding one might be a good idea.

I decided on Paula’s Choice and found this on Amazon.

Is that a good place to start? I’d add it in in the evenings so my new evening routine would be:

  • Remove Makeup (if any)
  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Retinol Cream