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Parrot Zik Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Touch Control – Black Gold?

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6th Jan 2017

I have been using Parrot Ziks for years. I paid full MSRP for the 1.0s (which was like $250) and I’ve been super happy with them. They look good, they have amazing isolation (and ANC), built in play/pause/skip/volume controls, and a built in eq you can control via app. For commuting I can’t really imaging a better over-ear set. Never need to take out your phone except to change playlists, and they can totally block out the world.

Now they’re half price on Amazon

I’ve used mine for hundreds of hours since I got them, I’ve dropped them onto concrete quite a few times, I really can’t recommend them enough if you want bluetooth isolating over-ear phones. And they look dope.