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Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Bookshelf Speaker in Matte Black (Pair)?

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4th Jun 2021

I am a couple steps behind OP, but Klipsch is top of my list. I’ve not gone out to listen to others (recovering from surgery), but I have had a soundbar from them and enjoyed it. I also don’t have an audiophiles ears, but I love listening music and immersive sounds in movies. But, I’m not sure I could tell the difference between “good” and “crap” speakers easily.

I can tell the difference from a good set up/placement – and certainly felt the Klipsch Soundbar + base was NOT what I want. I replaced it with another soundbar, but it has 2 satellite speakers and is closer to 5.1 sound (I think the box even described it that way, but you can’t lie to me soundbar!!)

I know my next investment will be in the sound department. If my budget was Klipsch equivalent (I know that isn’t a budget), what is your “this is better than the Klipsch I listened to”?

Im hoping to be able to find a place to listen to these, Paradigm’s SE Atom Bookshelf speakers but, I’ve got my eyes on quite a few other options that I hope to get my ears near!

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28th May 2021

The Paradigm Atom SEs are my go-to recommendation at the $300 mark. Very good at low volume as they retain much of their fullness when you are looking to keep it sane. The top end is airy and detailed but never fatiguing. Mid range is very good but the tiniest bit forward and the bass is tight and gets into the upper 40hz range with some boundary support. A tiny bit over budget at $320 but worth every penny. If you are considering the KEF and Emotiva models, make certain you can work with more presence in the treble region. https://www.amazon.com/Paradigm-Monitor-Bookshelf-Speaker-Matte/dp/B07LB5TY6T/ref=sr\_1\_1?crid=1UCWFBTSCA1QV&dchild=1&keywords=paradigm+atom&qid=1622238156&sprefix=paradigm%2Caps%2C258&sr=8-1

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1st Jan 2021


From what I have read these are generally well received and just a bit higher budget compared to your 2 options. These have been on sale for a while and may end soon. Out of your 2 choices I have only heard of Fluance which I’ve been told are decent as well. Unfortunately I haven’t actually listened to any of them personally to offer my own thought.