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Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Precision Dial, Adjustable 19 Length Setting, Rechargeable Battery, Washable – ER-GB42-K (Black)?

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11th Sep 2020

It looks really good right now. Your “before” is looking like a lot of peoples “after”

If the awkward pre-gel length bothers you that much, you can buy a decent beard trimmer (I use this one by Panasonic) and do a little maintenance yourself. Beyond Youtube, it really helps to have someone with a sense of style “spot” you the first couple times until you get the feel for it. This is NOT a full replacement for a haircut, just a method to keep the sides looking fresh.

If you wanted to get more “fashionable” you could definitely do a classic mid/high fade, let the top go a little longer and comb it back with gel (which has the bonus effect of making the sides look comparatively shorter)

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20th Feb 2022

To clarify that just a bit, this is the trimmer I own:


Whereas, when I use razors, this is what I buy:


The razors are small, manual, handheld, non-eletric items that cut the hair to the skin with a series of metal blades (I don’t buy anything with less then 5 blades, because that seems to increase the possibility of razor burn/irritation) and are typically disposable. Depending on the size and quality, razors may struggle quite a bit going through thick hair and may take several passes and rinses to get it all.

In contrast, an electric trimmer (usually also called a beard trimmer) is a smaller version of the clippers you’d see at a barbershop or salon, they have a single metal blade with “teeth” on top and a protective plastic guard that goes over it to prevent you from being cut while using it. They can cut through thick hair much more easily and faster, with no pain, compared to razors. Trimmers are also usually lubricated with a 4-in-1 between cuts to keep everything disinfected, clean, cool, and in good working condition.

With a trimmer, there is also typically a dial which you can rotate and adjust the length you want to cut the hair down to. With razors, its always one length, down to the skin.

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28th Jul 2021

1) Get a decent beard trimmer. I recommend this one because the hair guard moves up and down instead of you having to remove and replace one of the dozen or so different lengths of guards. Less to keep up with…less to lose. Just get yourself in the habit of checking the length of the guard before using. Then let your beard grow out some so its unkept and janky looking and start using the trimmer, going lower and lower on the guard until you find the right length.

Pro tip: You can use different guard heights on different parts of your face. You don’t have to set it to one height and use that everywhere. Your face has contours. Trim accordingly.

2) Get some beard scissors. Not junk drawer scissors. Not scissors you stole from work. Proper beard scissors. You want something super sharp…but small enough so that you can snip random hairs or small sections of hair with ease.

3) Find a beard oil or beard balm that you like. Wash and condition your beard…then oil/balm it up and brush it with a boar bristle brush.

I trim my beard every 2-3 days and I use beard balm and brush my beard after every shower. It’s been such a part of my daily routine now that it’s as automatic as brushing my teeth