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Ozeri Precision Bath Scale (440 lbs / 200 kg) in Tempered Glass, with Step-on Activation?

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8th Oct 2015

is it on a level, flat surface, like a tiled floor? that can make a lot of difference. it needs to be in the exact same spot every time you weight.

this is the scale i have and it’s fairly accurate, and not very expensie. lots of reviews:


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29th Apr 2015

I have this Ozeri scale and love it. I bought it because I have to keep my scale in my living room (small apartment problems) and wanted something that looks nice, but it’s served me well. The battery has lasted forever and it gives me accurate read outs even if I step on and off of it a few times in a row or if my cat moves it to different areas of my apartment.

It’s normal for there to be some variance from scale to scale, though, so if the only issue with your Health O Meter is that it doesn’t give you the same weight as your mom’s analog scale, it probably doesn’t need to be replaced. Chuck it if it’s giving you unreliable read outs, though.

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16th Feb 2015

It’s a risk for some people for sure. I personally weigh myself everyday and record it in myfitnesspal. It was difficult at first to see the normal fluctuations and not freak out on a day the scale was up three pounds, but after doing it for over a month I’ve seen that these fluctuations are completely normal and its actually been super helpful for me. For instance, the morning after the super bowl (when I gorged myself on chips, dip, wings, and booze) my weight shot up five pounds but dropped by a pound a day for the rest of the week until I was back to normal. Looking at the graph in Myfitnesspal is really interesting to see as well because it keeps me mindful of the fact that as long as I’m not seeing consistent increases, I’m doing what I need to do.

But of course this is my strategy during maintenance. When I was actively losing I only weighed myself every two weeks or so or I think I might have gotten discouraged by those normal fluctuations. Either way, I still suggest you get one. This one is pretty much like the one I have.

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28th Jan 2015

I have this scale and love it. It’s accurate (as far as I can tell) and looks nice sitting out in my living room (the only place I have space for it, tiny apartment woes). Some of the reviews do say that it doesn’t do great with humidity and to keep it out of the bathroom, so that may be something to consider, but I can’t vouch for that one way or the other.

My understanding is that scales that measure body fat are largely inaccurate. Calipers are better, but even those have a large margin of error if not used correctly.

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5th Feb 2014

Hello 🙂 My name is Kitten 🙂

There is a ton of things on my various wishlists that would make me happy, or make my children happy or even make my partner happy – which makes life better because happiness is better.

However the one thing I would like is this weight scale because its limit is higher than 300 and I want to get below that sooner rather than later and I know that I am oriented on numbers – and if I don’t have a way to track – I will lapse much easier than if I have a way to track. I realize that it is simply a tool and won’t in and of itself help me lose weight… but it is something that help me and motivate me.