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Oxy Acne Cleanser Maximum Strength 5 Ounces?

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29th May 2021

I highly recommend trying out Oxy 10. Apply it on the stain wait 24 hours and it will dry up and then wipe it off with a warm damp cloth and then repeat if necessary. It should pull the stain up.


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22nd Jan 2022

You can remove clothing stains on TPE and silicone dolls using Oxy 10.


I tried this several times myself and several other users here gave confirmed it works as well. I found out about this in The Doll Forum here https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=128899

Yes silicone can stain but it is more resilient to it than TPE.

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11th Dec 2021

I’m not familiar with the acne cream you bought. However the most common cream that I see recommended is Oxy 10. Usually it only takes a few days max for stains to disappear.


And this is the process I follow: