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OXO BREW Double-Wall Glass Server?

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26th Aug 2020

I have the Fellow Mighty Small, but not the double wall. If you’re brewing 2 cups to be immediately consumed, I wouldn’t worry about heat retention all too much since most of them do a decent job without the double wall. I love my Fellow carafe and didn’t really see a need personally for the double wall aside from aesthetic (it does look super nice, just didn’t line up with my other equipment). It’s all preference though, not sure how big your cups are. The photo was a single cup for me, about 10oz, and
this is empty. It fits 2 cups for me and my husband with plenty of room for the dripper without the stand, but we drink from standard 10-12oz coffee mugs. I use it with my AeroPress for iced coffee as well, it fits nicely.

I was looking at the tasting glasses since they’re back in stock. Those might be a better investment in regards to heat retention and your actual cup if you wanted something from Fellow. Otherwise, the 600ml Hario range servers are great if 500ml doesn’t seem big enough for you. There’s a stainless version as well here.

There’s the Oxo which Crate and Barrel also sells as a set, and Bonavita sells a double wall 5 cup glass I believe as well. These are all just the one’s I was eyeing myself back when. ( Edit: Bonavita here )