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Overwatch D.VA DVA Bunny Gaming Computer Swivel Chair (Pink)?

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7th Sep 2017

Here. Although it’s also available through Amazon at a higher price. It was a gift so I’m not sure if I would have paid full price for it, but it looks awesome!

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27th Nov 2020

Eso estaba pensado e incluso pensaba en ahorrar para una silla de DVA y decorar el escritorio con detalles negros y demás.

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20th Dec 2017

My SO surprised me with the new Razer D.Va Meka headphones! They were out of stock when I tried to buy them for myself on launch day. My D.Va shrine is complete <3

They are really comfy, only started to feel tight after hour 3. I need to figure out how to make the mic work. The headphones only have one plug in and I have separate headphone and mic jacks. I really wish the green part lit up, but overall they are super cute and good quality!

Here’s links to some of the stuff I have:

D.Va headset

D.Va chair

Pachimari <– THIS is way nicer than the official OW one

D.Va Bunny Hat

D.Va Carbon Fiber Edition Funko