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Outemu SMD RGB 3 pin MX Switch Blue Black Red Brown OTM for GK61 GK64 MX Mechanical Keyboard (68 pcs, Red)?

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25th Dec 2020

So earlier this year I got the Tecware 87 with outemu browns as my first mech. Now I’m looking into getting reds and also switching out my keycaps for something that is black and top printed since I’ve never really cared about rgb and thought they would be nicer. So now I have two questions.

  1. Would these work with the keyboard I have? Amazon.com: Outemu SMD RGB 3 pin MX Switch
  2. Where can I find some keycaps? I know there are places like aliexexpress, but I’m still a sophomore in high school and haven’t been able to find a job cause of the pandemic. So my parents would rather order off a more reliable site to them (hence why the above switches are from amazon). And if aliexpress is really the only place, how reliable is it and what not? And what would be some good recommendations from there?