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Outemu OTM Silent Grey White Switch 3pin RGB SMD Tctile 55g Linear 50g Purple Teal mx stem Switch for Mechanical Keyboard 50m (X110 PCS, OTM Purple Switch)?

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31st May 2021

Sorry for the late response. Currently lubing the Akko CS switches I was talking about.

On the topic of Silent switches, you can pick yourself up some Silent Boba U4T switches though they cost a bit. Think like around $0.60 per switch. That’s a really good switch from what I’ve heard, but there is another option that’s more in the budget range.

I did a quick amazon search cuz I found these not too long ago and they seem great for those not trying to walk up the fam late at night. They’re also an outemu switch so they work great. Here’s the link.

Haven’t tried these myself though I’d assume they’re scratchy, but sound very silent from the reviews!

Hope this helped!