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Our Pets Smart Scoop Intelligent Bluetooth Litter Box Self Cleaning Health Monitoring System?

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19th Jun 2019

They may be using the patents:



But this is a 2.6 star piece of junk. They would still rather collect royalties from competitors than to make a decent product themselves. Even if these other products never make it to market because of the royalty demands, there is no way I would pay $156 for this thing. They will only have succeeded in keeping a better product out of the hands of cat owners. I’ve looked up their patent, which was filed back in 2012. I couldn’t help thinking how most of these points of similarity they’ve identified seem to be ridiculously obvious design elements — if you were to intend to make any automated litterbox, unless you came up with something not very obvious like the Litter Robot (which rotates), this is everything that would come to mind without putting much thought into it. To me, the innovation isn’t in these basic obvious elements, but in how they’re implemented.