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OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp, White?

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21st Dec 2017

My “game room” is actually part of my family room. For the foreseeable future, we’re stuck with flush-mounted lights that align roughly with the ends of the table — so nothing directly overhead. We replaced the bulbs with a 60w equivalent soft white LED and it brightened up the space a bit more than the 40w regular bulbs that were there before, but it’s still not ideal.

My table accommodates 4 players and 2/4 will get glare on the board. The only window / door in the space makes it worse if the curtains are open. That table is also my mini-painting table, so I bought an Ottlite Task Lamp so I could see properly. That actually works pretty well for painting, but is obviously impractical for actually playing.

If I had more money or know-how, I’d like to replace the flush mounted lights with some adjustable track lighting to get nice, full coverage of the play area. Not sure if it would actually work as well as it does in my head, but I think it’d be a good option. /shrug

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19th Oct 2019

Ottlite makes really nice bright lamps.
I’ve got one of these and it’s all the light I need. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004Q0CUXA/

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18th Nov 2016

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