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Ortho Molecular – Vitamin D3 50,000 IU – 15 Capsule Blister Pack?

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2nd Mar 2017

Regarding the vitamin D, 500 UI is not too much, I am an office guy so I don’t take too much sun, I work with a nutritionist and he recommend me this vitamin D (50,000 UI!!!!!!! each capsule) https://www.amazon.com/Ortho-Molecular-Vitamin-50000IU-Capsules/dp/B008KZD6EO/ he told me to take 4 a day until I finish the package (it only has 15 caps) and then just take one D3 capsule with 5000 IU units daily. He also told me that it would help me against the flu and it seems to work, I have been flu free for a year and a half.

Regarding the 50 + thing if it is only vitamin D most likely is marketing, if it is a multivitamin it might be true.