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Orijen Dry Cat Food, Grain Free, Premium Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients?

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15th Dec 2020

My opinion is it’s part of personality. He is only a year and half so he will be jumping off walls for a while. Very normal cat playtime for healthy cats. I have two kitties. 1 of them is extremely playful and always running around. He is almost 5 and has been like this since kitten.

AW recommends these two brand cats foods. This will help ensure the lowest amount of toxins and fillers entering his body. The less heavy metals the better.

ORIJEN Dry Cat Food, Grain Free, Premium Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients – Hard food

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Cat Food – Wet food

I recommend using ceramic or glass bowls to prevent metal exposure. These are the only two products of both these brands that AW recommends for cats. The others have some worse ingredients. For example there are 2 flavors of the honest kitchen wet food and the chicken is recommended. Not the turkey due to the larger number of eggs in the mixture.

My boy cat plays with my girl cat all the time when she is not having it. Just cat things.

I would be more concerned when the kitty becomes lethargic and not playful.

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22nd Jul 2020

I’ve been feeding my 11 year old Main Coon this:


It’s a bit pricey, but I think that it is a good food, and I don’t get any complaints from him.