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Optimus H-4110 Electric-Space-heaters, Standard?

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11th Jan 2017

Here is a small heater I bought from amazon recently to solve this exact issue. https://www.amazon.com/Optimus-H-4110-9-Inch-Dish-Heater/dp/B000GG8DTS

I have it set up on a stand about 2 feet away from my desk, it’s aimed directly at my mouse hand. Really works wonderfully at keeping my hand warm. Also if I’m taking a quick break between games it just keeps my mouse nice and warm for when in come back.

I’m not here to say that it improved my play but it certainly made playing a lot more comfortable.

Honestly I’m surprised no gaming company has come out with something similar. In my mind the perfect product would be more like a mini blow dryer type thing that you mount on your desk and blows warm air over your hand. My inspiration for that was the little air blower things they have at bowling alleys.

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14th Nov 2019

This is a radiant space heater. https://www.amazon.com/Optimus-H-4110-9-Inch-Dish-Heater/dp/B000GG8DTS

You called me a shill? Is that what they indoctrinate students in college with today? Open your mind a bit. Failures are often not caused by the most obvious fault.

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2nd Jan 2021

Get two of these and place them at either end of your dresser, pointed toward you

Optimus H-4110


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18th Oct 2018

buy six pairs of merino wool socks from Costco.
but a cashmere sweater from Uniqlo.

Add these to whatever clothes you normally wear & you will be roasty toasty.


will give you the most bang for the buck as far as heaters go.

Anyone you know subscribed to a meal kit service will have an abundance of ice packs, You can warm those up in the microwave, or by your radiator & toss them under your covers before bed.

If you are going to be working at a desk or table for a long time https://www.kotatsutable.net/ can help too.