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(Only Keycaps) 60% PBT Keycaps Set OEM for MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard ANSI Layout GH60 RK61/ALT61/Annie/poker GK61 GK64 (Sakura 1)?

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2nd Sep 2020

I think that one specifically is just off amazon for 25 bucks. Search sakura keycaps and you should find it. Here you go.

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19th Apr 2021

barebones gmmk for $60 plus sakura keycaps off amazon for ~$26 plus whatever switches you want, which can vary in cost, but you arent spending over $40 unless you want some niche switches

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22nd Oct 2020

I bought a BM60 PCB board and found a set of keycaps that I would like on them but can’t figure out if they would actually work for my board. So I found a second similar set but with some extra keys and was wondering if there’s a clear cut one I should be buying or if they both will work for the board. (Note that I have already bought the first set of keycaps but had doubts looking back.)


Keycaps 1

Keycaps 2

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4th Sep 2020

Pretty basic build but it screams my style lol

Case: https://www.newegg.com/m/product/reviews?item=32N-00B5-00007&parentCount=26

Sakura Keycaps: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082KPV28K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_crCuFbPDXV3AQ

The spacebar was a gift but i’m pretty sure they bought it from this seller: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrZrQyf

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30th Mar 2021

Hey! I need help! In trying to get a keyboard for ky partner. She really likes the sakura ducky keyboard but as you may know, they are sold out everywhere!!!.

However, I’ve found similar keycaps that she likes and I’m trying to find a keyboard that would he compatable with the keycaps

What would be a base keyboard that I could take the keycaps off and replace with these no problem?
I would like it to be a keyboard that is RGB and has a white casing to it too.

Thank you!!!